Infrastructure: Not Just Roads and Bridges

Too many people in New Hampshire can’t get broadband Internet or decent cell service. For the North Country to thrive in a 21st-century economy, we need to invest in our infrastructure. I’m a software engineer and a remote worker. I’ve seen the opportunities that tech can unlock. And I’m not going to stop until everyone in Coös has access to those opportunities.

Free and Fair Elections

Elected officials should be chosen by voters, not donors. We need to strengthen our campaign finance laws, close the LLC loophole, and publicly fund elections so that our public servants can focus on public service, not on raising money.

Fund Our Schools

Every kid in the State of New Hampshire deserves a good education, even the kids in school districts with low property values.

Legalize and Tax Marijuana

The War on Drugs has failed. We should join our neighbors in legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana, and use the tax dollars to fund our schools and reduce local property taxes.

Right to Repair

Big businesses like John Deere, Apple, and Keurig are locking down their products more and more every year. When you buy a tractor or a phone and it breaks, you can’t just fix it yourself - you have to go to the manufacturer and pay whatever they feel like charging you. We should pass common-sense legislation to guarantee that you can get the tools and codes that you need to fix what you own, and to let independent repair shops compete on a level playing field. We need to build more local jobs and keep our profits in Coös.